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iPhone Repair

iPhone Repair at uBreakiFix - West Las Vegas

No need to cry over spilt milk or a shattered screen-- our staff of expert iPhone repair technicians in Summerlin are here to save the day. Our professionals can fix any damaged iPhone whether you’re suffering from a burnt-out battery or glitchy graphics, these pros can help get your phone working again in no time.

Free Diagnostic on All Repairs

Swing by our store in Las Vegas for a full free diagnostic and receive your repair plan in just minutes. Our iPhone repair techs will do their detective work and figure out exactly what kind of repair service your device needs. Our wide suite of iPhone diagnostic tools allows our techs to quickly and accurately determine the root cause of your problems, and fix your iPhone without any guesswork! Most issues can be diagnosed at the check-in counter, but more stubborn problems may require leaving the device overnight.

Repair Options

After diagnosing the problem, these pros will give you a play-by-play of what precisely is going on and how they plan to fix it. Whether you need your iPhone battery replaced, a new charge port, or your iPhone speaker is muffled we've got you covered. They’ll also let you know how long your repair should take and give you a personalized quote with estimates for parts and labor.

In some cases, we find the best option is not to perform any repairs at all but to replace the iPhone. If we feel that may be the case, we will help you weigh out the pros and cons of replacement and repair. We do not sell iPhones, our focus is strictly on repair, so you can rest assured that you are receiving an unbiased opinion!

What Sets Us Apart

At uBreakiFix - West Las Vegas, our transparent policies allow you to make an informed decision about your phone-- before you spend a dime. Most repairs can be completed on the same day, so you can sleep tight that night with your iPhone back in working order. Our highly trained team can take care of your repair needs with minimal stress and maximal care. Our parts are tested stringently to ensure they are free from manufacturing defects and all our repairs come with a 1 year warranty.

Your iPhone is in Good Hands

In Summerlin, our local store is stocked with the best in the business. Our repair techs follow a diligent training and certification process, so they’re always ahead of the game. Whether you’ve got the latest iPhone or you’re rocking an original, our expert technicians know all the right moves to make things like-new again. We’re confident that our pros provide a quality fix.

The aim here is to brighten your day with prompt and courteous service; the kind that ensures you walk out with a smile. No complicated hoops to jump through; no hidden costs or charges. Just great customer service and an affordable, quick and easy.