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Computer Repair

Laptop and Computer Repair in Richfield, MN

If you found uBreakiFix from searching for a place for laptop repairs, it’s likely that you’re not very happy about your broken computer situation. There is a bright side that you’ve found the greatest value on computer repair in Richfield.

More than 75% of families in the United States own at least one desktop or laptop according to the census. The problems that computer owners in Richfield face are similar to the rest of the nation: broken laptop screens, damaged charging ports, batteries that won’t hold a charge, loud fans or overheating, and poor system performance due to viruses and spyware. Fixes vary in difficulty depending on the situation, but it’s safe to say that PC and Mac repair services are in higher demand than ever before.

Customer-First Service

We stand out from the competition in Richfield by upholding policies that put the customer first. First and perhaps most importantly is that we ensure all our repairs with a free automatic 1 year warranty. If anything related to the repair goes wrong in that time, you are entitled to a zero-cost follow-up repair. Furthermore, we won’t charge you if we can’t complete the job.

Secondly, we have experienced and eager staff available during business hours to get started on your PC or Mac repair immediately; we know that your time is precious and strive to finish tasks in an hour or less. We will always give you a time estimate before beginning so you can choose when to get the work done.

Finally, we guarantee affordable service by promising to price match our competitors in Richfield. One of our goals at uBreakiFix is to make these services available to the people who need it most. Let us know when you come in if you find an advertised service for computer repair that costs less than ours.

Professional Laptop and Computer Repairs Near Me

A visit to uBreakiFix in Richfield looks something like this: you bring your system in and describe the problems you’ve been having. We run a free diagnostic test to discern any related problems. Then we will have a discussion about what you would like done, the pricing, and how long it will take. Repairs will begin shortly after.

We are also authorized service providers for Samsung and Google. If you have a Pixel, Galaxy, iPhone, tablet, or game console that is in need of care, bring them in when you come for your PC or Mac repair.

Does my Computer Need to be Fixed?

Putting off a computer repair can be easy. Most computers are designed so that you aren’t thinking about the hardware. Some owners never even open the case. Something as simple as dust build up can destoy a computer over time, however, by causing a cascade of related problems. Maintenance and repairs are important if you want to extend the longevity of your system. Stop by uBreakiFix in Richfield and let one of our techs take care of it for you.