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  • We use OEM parts, tools, training, and equipment provided by Google.
  • Most repairs done in 45 minutes or less.
  • All repairs backed by a 1 Year Warranty.
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Google Repair


At uBreakiFix, we’re proud to have Google as a licensed partner. Thanks to our established relationship with Google, we can offer quick and quality repairs and tons of perks to our customers. We benefit from training and knowledge directly from Google to offer you the best phone repairs in Newport News, VA. Our collab with Google also lands us OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement parts of the best quality available - for a high quality Google repair that’s built to last. Between the elite training received of our technicians and the high-quality components we use, Android repairs are easily fixed by our pros, just like all phone repairs here at uBreakiFix!

Our Google Repair Services

Google offers some of the most cutting-edge technology available, and at our store, we’re happy to service all sorts. Pixel repair, Galaxy Nexus repairs, and Google repairs of all kinds are welcome at uBreakiFix in Newport News, VA. Our Google repair pros expertly repair both common and complex Google issues, and our Google certified parts ensure your repair is long-lasting and sturdy, regardless of what Google device it is. If your Google device is having a mechanical meltdown, bring it to the certified pros at uBreakiFix!

Google Nexus Repair Services

When you come to uBreakiFix in Newport News, our Google certified repair technicians are specialists in the field of Google Nexus repair near me. Whether you need a battery swapped out or your device is overheating, our skilled repair techs can help get your Google Nexus back in working order again in as little as two hours. We happily service the entire Google Nexus series, including the Galaxy Nexus; meaning no one ever has to feel left out. Drop by uBreakiFix today for a free diagnostic and quick, comprehensive repair!

Nexus 10 Repair: Are you holding a Nexus 10 that's way overdue for repairs? Come see the professionals at uBreakiFix for assistance. Our technicians handle common Nexus 10 repairs with ease, and fix even the most complex malfunctions with great efficiency. Don’t know what’s wrong with your device? Our electronic repair shop offers free diagnostic exams for all. Schedule an appointment today for a professional Nexus 10 repair at uBreakiFix!

Nexus 9 Repair: If your Nexus 9 stopped working properly, it’s time to pay a visit to the repair technicians at uBreakiFix! Our repair technicians are Google certified, and use Google certified parts to guarantee long lasting repairs. uBreakiFix works hard to implement the most efficient repair techniques available to reunite you and your device in as little time possible. No matter what your issues are, the expert techs at uBreakiFix are here to repair your Nexus 9!

Nexus 7 Repair: You should never cry over spilt milk... But what if the milk spills onto your Nexus 7? If that's the case, you should see the repair techs at uBreakiFix! Since they've been trained and certified by Google, Nexus 7 repairs are a breeze for our team of techs. We at uBreakiFix exclusively use Google certified parts to provide quality, factory-fresh repairs. Ready to dry those milk-induced tears? Stop by uBreakiFix today for all of your Nexus 7 repair needs.

Nexus 6P Repair: Have a Nexus 6P that’s suffering from a shattered screen? Get it repaired by the professionals at uBreakiFix! Our Google certified repair technicians are equipped to handle all kinds of Nexus 6P issues, from dead batteries to texting trouble. Certain services can even be completed in only an hour or two! Drop by uBreakiFix today and get your Nexus 6P good-as-new again.

Nexus 6 Repair: Having Nexus 6 issues? It’s time to bring it to the experts at uBreakiFix! Our repair techs are certified by Google to repair Google devices, just like your Nexus 6. We only use Google certified replacement parts, which means your new screen will resemble how your phone looked when you first purchased it. No mishap or malfunction is too extreme for our skillful repair technicians.

Galaxy Nexus Repair: Your Galaxy Nexus might be dead, but hope is still alive. Restore your phone (and your faith) with the pros at uBreakiFix! With our Google trained and certified technicians, you won’t need hope on your side for a high quality repair. Our Google certified replacement parts are sure to keep your Galaxy Nexus running smoother for longer. No matter if you have a cracked screen or a broken charger port, the professionals at uBreakiFix offer thorough repairs every time!

Google Pixel Repairs Near Me

At uBreakiFix, we’re big fans of the Google Pixel (and the songs they use in their ads). That’s why we, as official partners of Google, are proud to service the entire Google Pixel line. We use the proprietary knowledge we receive from Google to offer our Pixel customers the most knowledgeable repair services available. Our repair technicians are trained and certified by Google for repairs as well, which is why Pixel repair services are such a breeze for us. Ready to get your Google Pixel professionally restored? Schedule an appointment today and learn what sets our Google repairs apart!

Pixel 4 XL Repair: If your Pixel 4 XL face recognition isn’t working, we’re willing to bet you’re sporting a frown on that face. Instead of wearing a permanent pout, bring it to the professionals at uBreakiFix! As official partners of Google, our knowledgeable repair techs are certified for Pixel 4 XL repairs, and only use Google certified replacement parts. While we’re the industry leaders of Pixel 4 XL repairs, we still keep our prices competitive and use efficient repairing methods to complete repairs in record time. No matter what issues your Pixel 4 XL is having, come to uBreakiFix for all your repair needs.

Pixel 4 Repair: Is your Google Pixel 4 having trouble recording videos? Let the professionals at uBreakiFix fix it for you! At uBreakiFix, our partnership with Google gives our Pixel 4 customers advantages you won’t find anywhere else. Not only are our replacement parts Google certified, our repair technicians are also trained and certified for Pixel 4 repairs. Get a professional Pixel 4 repair at uBreakiFix!

Pixel 3 Repair: Does your Pixel 3 screen look like a Marvel fight scene prop? Come to uBreakiFix and get it replaced by the Pixel pros! Besides the fact that ‘Pixel professionals’ just rolls off the tongue, our skilled repair technicians live up to term. Both trained and certified by Google for Pixel 3 repairs, our repair techs handle any Pixel 3 malfunction with ease. If you need any repair on your Pixel 3, come to uBreakiFix and see our Google-certified repair technicians.

Pixel 3 XL Repair: If your Pixel 3 XL is your baby; don’t trust just anyone to repair it. Instead, trust the Google certified repair technicians at uBreakiFix! uBreakiFix also uses Google certified replacement parts for our repairs, meaning our Pixel 3 XL repairs are made to last. Need your Pixel’s screen replaced? Ask about our same day services. Stop by uBreakiFix today for all your Pixel 3 XL repair needs.

Pixel 3a Repair: Have a Pixel 3a that gets trapped in a random loop? Let the pros at uBreakiFix stop it from spiraling. Our friendly repair technicians are trained and certified for Pixel 3a repairs. Since we use Google certified replacement components (backed by our 1 year guarantee), you can be sure your repair is made to last. Come to the pros when you're ready to bring Pixel 3a back to life.

Pixel 3a XL Repair: Have an extra-large problem with your Pixel 3a XL? The professional repair techs at uBreakiFix in Newport News have the cure! The repair technicians at uBreakiFix are certified by Google themselves to carry out Pixel 3a XL repairs. We’ve successfully repaired virtually every mishap you can think of, from crushed screens to waterlogged keypads. When you need a pro Pixel 3a XL repair in Newport News, think of uBreakiFix.