iPad Repair

iPad Repairs in Newark, NJ

The iPad started out as a new, competitive venture for Apple, and quickly proved its worth and value to audiences worldwide. Now, with the new iPad 10.2 in particular, we can use our iPads for school, work, gaming, movies, and pretty much anything you could think of. Because we have the freedom of relying on this one device for all of our needs, a malfunctioning iPad can quickly ruin your day. Fret not, Apple user - uBreakiFix has got your back! Our team in Newark has the expertise to fix even the most complex Apple iPad issues. By combining highly skilled repair technicians with unmatched customer service, we’ve become a fan-favorite repair shop for all things iPad. Want to bring your broken iPad back to life? Schedule an appointment today!

Seasoned Repair Techs

What’s the most important quality for your repair tech to possess? If it’s skills, our highly trained technicians have gone through several rigorous training programs, aside from being naturally gifted tinkerers from the start. If it’s customer service, your needs will be met starting from the greeting you’ll get at the counter. If it’s experience you’re searching for, our collection of iPad repair success stories is bigger than your rock collection and your stamp collection combined. Last but most certainly not least, our nerdy technicians simply have the passion that drives them to offer the best repairs in Newark. We take pride in our work, and it shows! Worried that your iPad is beyond repair, or the repair is too complex? Let the professionals help you decide.

Only the Best Replacement Parts

A high performance tablet like an iPad should only contain high performance, high quality parts. Because we believe in long lasting repairs as opposed to quick fixed, we only use OEM-certified parts in our repairs. OEM-spec parts, or official manufacturer equipment, are parts that are either straight from the Apple factory (which, to us, sounds like the next best thing after Willy Wonka’s factory), or parts that are made to the exact same specifications as Apple’s parts, using their same strict standards and regulations. The long and short of it is that your repair is more of a restoration than a patch, resulting in a like-new device when we’re all done with your repairs. Because we stand behind our components, we offer a 1 year guarantee on all replacement parts. More snaps and instagram posts, less headaches!

Speedy Services

Being such a fantastic multi-use device, it’s easy to see how long waits without your iPad can put a major cramp in your style. When you come to uBreakiFix for repairs, your time is prioritized from beginning to end; Meaning you don’t have to inform us about that essay due next week for us to do fast work. Using the current and most efficient repairing methods and tools, we get our repairs done very fast, while never compromising quality or service for speed. Whenever possible, we try to get our repairs done in one working day. That being said, some simpler iPad repairs - like battery replacements or screen replacements - can be finished in as little as two hours! You read it right: in about the same time it takes to charge your device, you can have dropped your device off, gone home for lunch, and picked it back up.

The Most Value

Due to their high performance, durability and Apple name, iPads themselves can be quite pricey. We do our best to make our repairs a little bit easier on your wallet by offering more value in our amenities. Take our diagnostic exam, for example: it tells us what’s wrong with your device, what we need to do to fix it, and an accurate idea of the repair costs - and it’s totally free. Our customers know they can come to us even if they’re unsure about the commitment to repairs, because we are always ready to offer them the priceless amenity of knowledge. Once you’re ready for your repair, you can save even more money by taking advantage of our price match guarantee. If you’ve seen your same type of iPad repair at a lower price, we’ll price match that lower price, and then slice an extra 5 bucks off of that! Even the Krazy Coupon Lady would be impressed. Not even your wallet is holding you back from a free diagnostic exam and important insight for your iPad; so drop by today!