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Computer Repair

Computer Repairs in Newark, NJ

Computers are arguably the crux of modern day society, enabling us to learn, work, entertain ourselves, and everything in between. Needless to say, having your computer fail you is pretty much the worst case scenario. Before you panic about lost files or malware, take a deep breath and call the team at uBreakiFix! Our team of seasoned professionals is fully equipped to take any computer problem head on. Boasting highly skilled repair technicians and quick turnarounds, we’ve quickly become a fan favorite. Whether your needs are of the professional variety, or you just need to get back to DOTA, we’ve got your back!

Relatable Repair Techs

It’s all fun and games until you walk into a repair shop where the employees don’t know what a motherboard is. Your PC is like your baby, which is why you should take it to the trusted professionals. Our team of repair technicians are big nerds who love all things technology. Their passion for devices is genuine, and they’ll treat your computer just like they would they own. Each tech has gone through several rigorous training programs, including certification programs from both Samsung and Google. They also bring experience to the table; Our team has seen all sorts of computer issues, from blue screens to those weird noises you hear when you open graphically intense games.

Computers, Laptops and More

Here at uBreakiFix, our view is not limited to desktop computers. Laptops, also known as the personal computer’s love child (yeah, no one calls it that), are also welcome at our shop! We know everyone has different needs and expectations when it comes to their computer, and once people get comfortable with their favorite device, they tend to stay attached! For some people, Macbooks are the only computer worth mentioning, while for others Chromebooks are Google’s best creation. Some gamers stan their Alienware laptop, and some are head over heels for their Asus. Whether you fall into any of these categories or not, we’re proud to offer support for all kinds of devices! Afraid we don’t support your device? Come in today and find out!

Fast and Transparent Repairs

Whatever you’re using your computer for, we’re sure that it’s important to you. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering the fastest computer repairs in Newark. Don’t be fooled - these are not the ‘quick fix’ type of solutions that involve thermal paste and microfiber cloths. We maintain a high standard of quality yet still complete repairs fast by implementing the most efficient repair methods. Our goal is to complete your repairs in one day, but some more complex issues require more time in the shop. So now you’re wondering, how do you know how long the repair will take? Good question! Our free diagnostic exam, which we use to determine your computer’s problems, will help us give you an accurate estimated turnaround time. Should anything change regarding your repair, our techs will always keep you updated and informed. Our team is transparent and upfront about anything you may (or may not) want to know, so you can feel comfortable asking any questions you have.

Why We’re The Best

Not only are we offering the most professional, fast, and affordable services, we’re also the friendliest team of techies you’ll ever meet. We’re not talking about the ‘nasty nice’ level of customer service that many electronic repair shops offer, where every time you ask a question, their eyes roll a little bit more. Because every member of our team is a people-person, our customers get to enjoy genuine, top notch customer service. From the moment you walk into the door, you feel welcomed.

If you’ve read this far, you’re either really ready to get your computer repaired, or you have a crush on the writer (we don’t blame you). Whatever the case, you owe it to your malfunctioning computer to stop by and start with a free diagnostic exam. Schedule an appointment today!