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iPhone Repair

iPhone Repair in Meyerland, TX

In this day and age, we do everything on our phones. Having a cell isn’t a luxury-- it’s a necessity. Whether you need your iPhone to scroll through social media, respond to work emails, or keep track of your teenagers, it’s a crucial part of modern communication. That’s why if something happens, you need an iPhone repair that’s reliable and quick. That’s where uBreakiFix in Meyerland can help. Our pros fix anything with a power button, whether you need an iPad camera repaired, a Macbook reformatted, or an iPhone screen replaced. We provide expert repair services at a fraction of the cost the other guys charge. Visit our store in Houston today and see what we can do for you. Feel free to walk in for a quick chat with a repair tech, or simply give us a ring.

Looking iPhone Repair Near Me

Frankly? Our store is the best mobile phone repair option you can find. So next time you're hunting for an iPhone repair near me, come to uBreakiFix. We’re the fastest growing electronics repair guys in the biz, with tons of locations spread across North America; and when you visit our store in Houston, you’ll see why for yourself. Our repair process is a breeze, thanks to our incredibly talented staff. We hire only the best techs around, because that’s what our customers deserve. We know Apple users are accustomed to premium components and exceptional service, and you’ll get the same quality care at uBreakiFix in Meyerland. Not only are our techs friendly and happy to answer all of your questions, they’re also always up to date on the latest technology advancements. So whether you’re looking to get your iPhone 8+ fixed or your iPhone 11 volume button repaired, we've got things covered.

1 year Warranty on All iPhone Repairs

Your iPhone needs to get fixed quickly so that you can get back to regular life. We totally get it. That’s precisely why our talented techs work hard to offer same-day iPhone screen repairs and other fixes. In fact, our pros are so good that most repairs can be in just an hour or two. And don't worry; we will never sacrifice quality for speed. We take the time to carefully inspect your iPhone to ensure we fix your device right the first time. And if, by some fluke of nature, your repair doesn’t hold up? We offer a 1 year, nation-wide warranty on every repair. That means you can come to any of uBreakiFix's hundreds of locations , and we’ll make things right ASAP.

iPhone Repairs we Offer

-iPhone Screen repair

-iPhone Battery replacement

-Spyware & virus removal

-Connectivity troubleshooting

-Liquid damage 

Comprehensive Diagnostics on Your Apple Device

Value is one of our key principles at uBreakiFix, and we think that's clear from the services we offer our customers. The precursor to all of our repair options is a diagnostic exam, which gives us a plethora of important information: including what the repair will be like, what parts will need to be replaced, how long the repair may take, and an accurate estimate of how much it may cost. The best part? Our diagnostic is 100% free, with no cost or obligation. No matter what sort of phone repair you're looking for, we can take care of it at uBreakiFix. We’re certified pros at iPhone repair, and we fix tons of other Apple products too-- including MacBooks and iPads. If you're looking for a fantastic fix you can hang your hat on, come to uBreakiFix in Houston. We’ll help get your device looking brand-spanking-new again in no time!