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Computer Repair


You must to have a working computer to get by in today's society. And that means you need a computer repair near me that you can trust. After all... Whether you use your PC primarily for intense gaming, or rely on tech to do your work, a broken computer is a problem. For professional computer repairs, bring it to the pros at uBreakiFix in Eatontown, NJ! Our repair pros have both the skills and experience required for comprehensive computer repair services. Don’t know what’s wrong with your computer? No problem: unlike most computer repair shops, our diagnostic exams are always free.

PC & Laptop Repair Near Me

So; your computer broke and now you're scrolling through Google for ‘laptop repair near me?’ Breathe... Then head on to your local uBreakiFix. Our professional repair techs will help ease your mind with our free diagnostic exam and reliable repair services. Regardless of whether you’re sporting a Dell laptop or a Dell, our team at uBreakiFix are here to mend any of your MacBook or PC problems.

Computer screen repair: If you’re suffering from a shattered screen, bring it into uBreakiFix for a quick and easy laptop repair. We treat your laptop as our own while we gently repair your screen, and many laptop screen services are completed in just one day!

Spyware & virus removal: Accidentally download a virus on your work ? Don’t feel bad: plenty of others would have fallen for that get-rich-quick PDF too. As soon as you suspect you may have a virus, bring your PC to our pros.. Our skilled team has successfully tackled all kinds of sneaky spyware and viruses!

Internet issues: Unless you bought your PC or laptop solely to play offline solitaire, you’ll require it to connect to the Internet properly. If you're dealing with connectivity issues, the team at uBreakiFix in Eatontown can help you get everything hooked up and online again.

Dead battery replacement: Some laptops have longer battery lives than others, but no battery lasts forever. Bring your laptop to the techs at uBreakiFix for a seamless, professional laptop battery repair! At uBreakiFix, we use high quality parts and efficient techniques to get your laptop battery replaced with ease.

Liquid damage options: The techs at uBreakiFix won’t ask if it was an innocent spill or the result of a ragequit, but they will be able to assess the extent of liquid damage to your PC or laptop. The talented repair techs of uBreakiFix have been trained to repair problems created by water damage in laptops or PCs - so put away that rice and head on over.

Hard drive repair: You might not have ever noticed your hard drive before, but when it starts smoking or keeps your computer from booting, it obviously needs a little professional attention. As soon as you get an inkling that your hard drive is having issues, bring it to the professional repair techs at uBreakiFix. Our talented team of technicians can help restore it, and potentially restore lost data, too.

Memory and data recovery: Before you start panicking about the now lost pictures of the family fish, bring your computer to the repair techs at uBreakiFix. Our techs are highly experienced in the field of data recovery, and know how to retrieve data from all sorts of situations.

Start-up issues: If your computer or laptop takes an eternity to boot up, then it’s time to bring it to uBreakiFix for repairs! Our skilled repair technicians can determine what's holding up your PC, and get it working properly again.

Computer Repairs from Proven Pros

Every computer is built a little differently. There are tons of computer and PC types out there; and uBreakiFix is proud to offer service to nearly all kinds! Whether you're a Mac user or love your Alienware, our tech team is sure to have the skills to assist with your computer repair services. With a little luck (and thanks to our tech's hard-earned experience, expertise, and skill), we should have your computer back online again before you know it.

Laptop Repair: At uBreakiFix and our team of technicians is the best one stop shop for a laptop repair in Eatontown, hands down. Slow computer? Been there. Shattered display? Done that. Suspected virus? Oh man, we could talk about virus removal all day. Whether you use a Toshiba from 2012 or a new Asus, our trained technicians can help. Come by for a free, no-commitment diagnostic exam and we'll provide you with a comphrensive exam and a report on our findings and suggestions for repair options.

Dell Repair: Is your Dell laptop suddenly won't boot, or has screen burns? Bring it to the friendly professionals over at uBreakiFix! Our Dell laptop repair services are courtesy of our skilled and experienced technicians, who are experts when it comes to diagnosing and solving all sorts of Dell issues.

Asus Computer Repair: When you need an Asus repair in Eatontown, come to the professionals at uBreakiFix! Our repair technicians can fix any issues your Asus encounters, regardless of if it's mechanical or software related. Our team at uBreakiFix work efficiently to produce top quality results in record time.

Toshiba Computer Repair: Aren't you over staring at your Toshiba’s blank screen? Come get it repaired by the professionals at uBreakiFix. Our skillful repair techs are able to fix even the most complicated computer issues with ease. If your Toshiba needs a new screen or a replacement battery, ask about our same day repairs!

Acer Computer Repair: Experiencing a computer bug on your beloved Acer? Get it fixed by a professional at uBreakiFix. Our highly trained repair technicians have all the right tools and skills to provide a high quality Acer repairs, from software issues to hardware replacements. The team at uBreakiFix has successfully helped countless tech users already, and youhave nothing to lose; so come in today to get the top Acer repair near you.

HP Computer Repair: If your HP computer hasn't been working because of a broken battery or busted screen, time to get it restored at uBreakiFix! Our skilled technicians dedicate their time to restoring malfunctioning HP computers to their former glory. With high quality replacement parts and efficient repair techniques, uBreakiFix is the place to be for comprehensive HP Computer repair in Eatontown.

Gateway Computer Repair: True, Gateway computers are far from run-of-the-mill, they can also have a fair share of unimpressive issues, like black screens and booting trouble. When you need a Gateway computer repair, come see us at uBreakiFix! Our repair technicians will diagnose and restore your computer’s problems with ease.

Levovo Repair in Eatontown: Have a broken Lenovo computer you'd like to get fixed? Let the professionals at uBreakiFix bring it back to life! Our skillful techs are trained to replace Lenovo screens and batteries speedily and easily. In fact, our repair techs are equipped to handle Lenovo issues of all kinds, ranging all the way from blue screens to boot loops. Let the friendly repair techs at uBreakiFix in Eatontown help out!

Sony Vaio Computer Repair: If your Sony Vaio computer has a cracked screen, booting issues, or won't turn on at all, bring it to uBreakiFix for fast, expert fix! Our repair technicians have worked with countless Sony Vaio computers, and successfully fixed issues like broken screens, boot loops, and malware. When your dying computer desperately needs a Sony Vaio repair in Eatontown, it's time for you to head to uBreakiFix.

Samsung Computer Repair: Dealing with screen bleed or connection issues with your Samsung computer? Let our pros at uBreakiFix fix things for you. Our Samsung computer repair technicians are both highly skilled and highly efficient, so you can trust them to solve all kinds of Samsung issues with ease.