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  • All repairs backed by a 1 Year Warranty.
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Computer Repair

Computer & Laptop Repair in Chelsea, New York

How long can your computer repair wait? You should bring your computer into uBreakiFix in Chelsea as soon as possible because some problems can worsen or cause more damage if left unchecked. For example, a broken laptop fan could cause other components to overheat which quickly degrades and eventually destroys them. Replacing a broken laptop fan is usually an inexpensive and quick procedure. However, the short drive to Chelsea could mean the difference between a new fan and a new computer. Don’t wait!

Local Computer Repair Near You

You can bring it in if your computer is acting up and you’re not sure why. We’ll run a free diagnostic test and offer a consultation to explain what is wrong, how we can help, how much a computer repair will cost, and how long it should take. You can decide what to do from there.

When you bring your computer to our store in Chelsea, you can rest assured that it will be done in that store. We don’t outsource our repairs or ship computers around – that would be a waste of time and an unnecessary hazard for your machine. Our thoroughly trained technicians will repair your system in the store usually in an hour or less.

You can also your tablet, iPhone, Android, or gaming console while you’re here. We repair those too, and some repairs – such as phone screen replacement – can take as little as 20 minutes.

What if I’ve Already Tried a Repair?

For some, a PC or Mac repair is something that can be handled at home. If you can do it yourself, that’s great! If you tried and had to give up, or got lost during a tutorial, don’t fret because we can still help you. Fixing a hardware issue can be challenging even for those who are familiar with computers. We are here to help if things go wrong. Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help because our repair technicians at uBreakiFix in Chelsea have quite likely been in your position before.

Why uBreakiFix?

We are one of the leading repair companies in the region, and the best walk-in, same-day repair store you’ll find in Chelsea. We have expanded year after year for a decade, totaling over 500 stores with millions of satisfied customers to back up our expertise. We provide a complimentary 1 year warranty on all repairs to keep your computer protected in the future and give you peace of mind.

We will match or beat the price of any local competitor. We value customer loyalty and satisfaction, and we know that providing great service for great value will make us your choice for computer repair.